Christie L. Waite
Typescript in Australian Archives, ACT, Series CP 487/6/1, Item 1.

        No information about Waite has been found except that he gave his address as Castleford, Yorkshire in England

Having made a very careful study of the particulars and requirements enumerated in the Condi;tions, and having regard to the contours and the general adaptability of the site, for the competition for the new Federal Capital for the Commonwealth of Australia, plans are now submitted for adjudication;

The scheme embodies the laying out of roads, parks, gardens, etc. covering the specified site, and makes provision for the development, in order to ensure a unity of design, over and above the requirements for the 25,000 population stipulated in the Conditions issued.

The design embodies the most modern principles of town planning and consists of two civic centres, surrounded by drives, varying for a quarter to half a mile apart. In order that quick means of access to these centres can be obtained, roads radiate from sub-centres to the chief centres, spaced similar to the surrounding drives.

The chief thoroughfares are designed 125 feet wide, and consist of causeway 20 feet wide on either side, 10 feet being reserved for gardens, grass plots, or trees. From either side of these grass plots there is a main road 69 feet 9 inches wide; a width of 14 feet 3 inches being reserved, in the centre of the road, as a tram-car route.

A beautiful and almost inclusive drive has been designed in the form of an ellipse, which readily adapts itself to the varying conditions of the site, as far as practicable following the lines of contour. On the S. it embraces the chief residential suburbs and on the S.W. it sweeps through the centre of similar districts. On the N.W. the route travels to the foot of the Black Mountains, making them easy of access for pleasure parties. At this point the line of route is so laid out as to follow the contours with the exception of a short distance, which in itself will provide a magnificent view of the city.

Molonglo River
The design would embody the erection of dam or retaining walls along the banks of the river, in order to provide against flood in the rainy seasons.

Having regard to the conditions respecting the regulation of the flow of this river, it is intended to form a rural and pleasurable promenade with ornamental waters, gardens, etc. at Artistic intervals. By virtue also of the above regulations of the river, provision would be made for boating and water carnivals, etc. at least at three centres along the river bank. By the erection of Dam walls, provision would be made for the reclamation of a large stretch of country for building purposes, and give assurance against all liability to flood.

Civic Centres.
Houses of Parliament Centre.
The above is situated at the S. side of the River Molonglo and is surrounded by a circular road-way 300 feet wide. From this road there radiate the roads leading to the S. and S.W. residential parts of the city. Immediately surrounding the Houses of Parliament are the proposed sites for the

Department of the Prime Minister,
Department of External affairs,
The Attorney Generals Department,
The Department of Home Affairs,
Department of the Treasury,
Department of Trade and Customs,
Department of Defense,
The Post-Master General's Department.

The above sites are all blacked in on plans and referenced:-
From the centre circular road to the S. and approached by a Colonnade, provision is made for a public park leading up to Mt. Kurrajong, the top of which would be most suitable for some civic or National Memorial.

To the S.E. ample area is reserved for the passenger railway station, which would be in close proximity to the Parliamentary buildings and business premises, and yet sufficiently distant to avoid undue noise.

Beyond the station to the E. is the site for the electric power station and car accommodation sheds.

Branching from the W. and E. to this centre is Parliament Road, a road 125 feet wide suitable for the erection of shops, offices, and business premises. Along the whole of these business centres it is proposed to erect a verandah, as a shield and shelter from sun and rain.

The National Theatre, University, Museum, and Post office are all grouped around the Parliamentary centre.

Town Hall Centre.
The above is situated at the N. side of the river and as also a circular roadway 300 feet wide, from this centre roads radiate leading to:

On the N. and N.E. to artisans dwellings, etc.

On the N.W. to the railway goods depot and the Government factories, workshops, warehouses etc. These sites have been specially selected in order that the smoke and fumes may be carried away from the city by the prevailing winds, westerly and southerly, and also to be near the railway.

Surrounding the Town centre, provision is made for the chief Administrative Buildings, Courts of Justice, Police Station, Technical College, etc.

With respect to the coupling up of these centres, details have been prepared for the bridges, roads, ornamental waters, etc. The bridge would be executed in the best quality of granite obtainable on the site. The bridge is 250 feet, on either side of which 50 feet is reserved for shop premises, the sites and method of laying out of same are shewn on quarter detailed. Between each block of shop premises open spaces are reserved, with a projecting circular colonnade covered with dome, in order that a good view of the river, parks, etc. may be obtained. Details of the shop planning have purposely been ommitted, as these would be so arranged to meet with the requirements of the Business people.

Parks, Gardens etc.
The Parks have been so planned as to be in the centre of the residential districts in addition to which two parks have been arranged for in the centre of the town.

At the intersection of all main roads circular sites have been arranged, some of which are utilized for the erection of the Places of Worship, the remainder it is intended for gardens etc. These would add to the beauty of the whole of the city.

Parks, Gardens etc.
Details have been prepared shewing the suggested method of dealing with the roads, a part on of which has been reserved for grass plots, varying in width in proportion with the width of the roads.

by dealing with the roads in the above manner, you have an effectual method of relieving the eye from the perpetual confusion of traffic, and at once produce a unique and picturesque effect.

With regard to the construction of the road surface, materials found on the site would be used as far as possible.

The whole of the bridges would be of similar design as shewn in detail, ofthe 250 feet bridges, with exception that shops would only be erected on the chief ones coupling up the civic centres.
It is intended to arrange rail-road so as to make level crossing unnecessary; the roads being crossed by bridges, also river.

A tract of 100 feet wide has been provided for throughout the whole of the city, in order to make adequate provision for any further extensions should the necessity arise.

The site for station has so been planned as to be a convenient distance from business premises, Parliamentary Buildings etc.

The approahces to the above are of such dimensions as to avoid congestion of traffic.

Goods Marshalling Yards.
Two goods marshalling yards etc. are provided, one on the S.E. and one near government factories, in order to distribute the traffic and avoid as far as possible overcrowding in the main thorough-fares.

Proper sidings could easily be provided to the factories etc.

Hospitals etc.
Sites for three hospitals re provided at suitable position for the residents.
Governor General and Prime Minister's Residences.
Sites for the above residences are situated near to and on the S. side of the park, from which an extensive view may be obtained of the whole of the city area.
Ornamental Water
Four sites for the above are provided in the park between the civic centres. Three other sites, at the least, for same would be provided along main route of river.
Tram Circuit.
Proper circuit for trams can easily be obtained, as a glance at the drawings will show.
Surface Water & Sewage.
Rough Sections have been prepared of the treatment of Surface water and sewage. It is proposed to lay surface water sewer, the mains to be contructed in ferro-concrete, with street gullies properly intercepted and finally disposed of into river, at points shewn on plans.

The Sewer[s] are to be constructed of ferro-concrete and carried by the pumping station situated 3,977 yards from the S.W. Corner of site and pumped to a level suitable for the delivery at the Sewage treatment works by gravitation.

Artisans Dwellings.
It is intended that not more than 14 Houses of the above character shall be erected to an acre of land. Playing fields being provided in the rear of same. 
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